MD Job Description

The Music Director is responsible for rehearsing the choir to the desired technical standard and, in conjunction with the choir’s committee, for organising and conducting an agreed programme of concerts with the choir, the appropriate soloists and with an orchestra, orchestral ensemble or accompanist so as to maintain and enhance the reputation of the Warwick and Kenilworth Choral Society (WKCS); to satisfy the musical aspirations of its members and to reward and sustain a local audience.

The Normal Schedule

•     Rehearsals take place on Monday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm at Coten End School, Warwick.  The choir’s year runs from early September to mid-June, with breaks for Christmas and Easter and, unless necessary, during the school half-term holidays and bank holidays.

•     The WKCS usually perform four concerts each year: late November, a Messiah concert in December, late March and late June, all of the concerts are on Saturdays at 7:30pm, except for the Messiah concert, which is usually on a Tuesday evening.

•     There is an afternoon rehearsal at the venue for the Saturday concerts for the choir, soloists and the orchestra and/or accompanist(s).

•     If it is thought necessary, an additional Saturday morning workshop may also be included.

Main Duties


•     Know the score(s) thoroughly before the choir’s first rehearsal.

•     Arrange a rehearsal schedule.

•     Liaise with the choir’s librarian with regard to editions, etc. for the choir.

•     Take rehearsals with the choir that are both enjoyable yet ensure progress to deliver a quality concert performance.

•     Work with the répétiteur to ensure effective rehearsals, including sectional rehearsals.


•     Liaise with the orchestra’s librarian for the orchestral score and parts and ensure that these are compatible with the choir’s vocal scores.

•     Liaise with the committee on the appointment of soloists and an orchestra and/or accompanist, and the hire of instruments such as a piano or harpsichord.

•     Agree dates and take orchestra rehearsal(s).


•     Agree with the committee member responsible for concert layout the positioning of choir, soloists and orchestra at the venue.

•     Conduct the last rehearsal of all the elements of the performance: choir, soloists, orchestra, and/or accompanist.

•     Conduct the concert.


•     Attend committee meetings (usually 4 per year) and prepare suggestions for proposed future concerts for committee discussion.

•     Work with the committee to resolve musical, budgetary and administrative issues.