Messiah rehearsing 2014 small

Membership of the Warwick and Kenilworth Choral Society (WKCS) is open to all  who are enthusiastic to sing the great choral works of the European and British tradition. There is no audition as we encourage all comers, not just people who can read music and not just people who have sung before. Members need to develop the skill to hold a line in harmonic music, and other choir members will assist with this. We encourage all to participate, but members who consistently miss many  rehearsals or consistently hit the wrong note are not allowed to sing in our 4 concerts a year.

Works are selected by the Committee after consultation with the Musical Director and members.

Membership of the WKCS is on a yearly or half yearly basis. The yearly subscription of £100 starts from September, and covers permanent costs such as Musical Director, accompanist and premises.

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Music Copies for Term

Only music pre-ordered through the choir will be available and therefore you will be responsible for making your own arrangements to obtain the copies concerned.  Please refer to the Join Us page on this website for further details.

New copies can be purchased through the Amazon link (at the side of this page) or by ordering through Presto Classical music shop.