Members’ Notes

Hello and welcome to the Notes for Members page! This page will contain a recap of rehearsals, homework, links to practise websites and rehearsal dates.

The next rehearsal will be 3rd June.

27th May is half term, so no rehearsal.

At our rehearsal on 20th May, we concentrated on the Opera Choruses. We started with No. 21, the Anvil chorus, concentrating on the Italian pronunciation. We rehearsed No. 30 (in English). Then we moved on to No.’s 23 and 3, the latter fitting the French words to the music. In the madrigals we started with the Schubert No.49. Then we rehearsed No. 1 ‘Dindirin, dindirin’, and No. 25 ‘Tanzen und Springen’.

At our rehearsal on 13th May, we started a new madrigal No 49 called ‘Der Tanz’ by Franz Schubert.  We were asked to concentrate on the words for next time. We also sang through No. 54, The Long Day Closes. We went on to No. 44,  ‘Il est Bel et Bon’, and No 8 Cornelius ‘So Weich und Warm’.

In the Opera Book, we practised the harmony parts of  No.3, Bizet’s Habanera,. And we sang through No. 30 the Wagner ‘Bridal Chorus’ (words in English, exception to the rule!). We also sang through the Tchaikovsky Waltz (also English). (Harmony parts still need looking at).

We agreed the full list for concert on 22nd June:

Madrigals: 1, 8, 14, 18, 25, 42, 44, 49, 54.

Operas: 3, 20, 21, 23, 30.

At the rehearsal on 29th April, we rehearsed two new pieces: The Anvil Chorus by Verdi, and ‘The Long Day Closes’ by Arthur Sullivan. ((the latter in the Madrigal book).

From the Opera Choruses we concentrated on the Tchaikovsky Waltz.

Benedict asked us to work on this over the Bank Holiday, to get the entries on time.

We also sang through the Chorus of Hebrew Slaves.

In the madrigal book we worked hard at the Gerald Finzi ‘My Spirit sang all day’, concentrating on Joy, the intonation and the timings.

We sang the Cornelius ‘Weich und Warm’ trying to enhace the Lullaby quality.

At our rehearsal on 8th April we rehearsed the Tchaikovsky Waltz, the Cornelius ‘Weich und Warm’, and the Thomas Morley madrigal: ‘Now is the Month of Maying’ (we came in one month early for a change!).

We also started on the Bridal chorus from Lohengrin, pp 328 in the opera book.

After Easter we are due to start on No. 3 Habanera from Carmen

On 1st April we rehearsed No 8 Weich und Warm, page 28  from the madrigal Book. This should be in German, and apparently it will be fab if we can do it by heart!

Benedict played us a jazz spiritual using the same themes!!

Then we did one in Spanish for a change, No.1 Dindirin, Dindirin Page 2. Then No. 18  ‘My spirit sang all day’ on page 110.

Opera: we rehearsed the marvellous Walz scene from Eugene Onegin page 222, (choir to sing solo parts as well as chorus) and the legendary Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from Nabucco, page 253..

The concert will be on June 22nd at St Nicholas, KENILWORTH.

The Tchaikovsky should create a good party atmosphere.

The rehearsal schedule is as follows:

3rd June

10th June

17th June

So another 3 rehearsals??!!

Here are some links to help with learning your part:

Cantemus Midi File Archive

So weich und warm (Peter Cornelius)

Bandcamp Choral Music Practice Files

Choralia – My Spirit Sang All Day

Choralia – Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

St Celia Press – Dindirin Dindirin

There is a site called John Fletcher Music that needs you to register. Some files, eg the madrigals, are free , but the opera choruses need a £10 fee. It can be awkward to navigate or indeed to open.

Choralia asks for a donation but you can click through to the mp3 files if you choose not to donate. There are lots of confusing additions to their pages but just look around for the small arrow to click on to play the part you need.

Do let any choir friends know about this online help.

Chairman’s letter March 2019:

Dear fellow singers

I hope you are all enjoying singing both the madrigals and the opera choruses this term, despite the fact that they are both such weighty tomes! I wanted to remind you of some dates for your diary.

Rehearsal dates (no rehearsals during school holidays or on bank holidays)

April 8th      April 29th        May 13th         May 20th.    June 3rd      June 10th     June 17th

Concert Date Saturday June 22nd in St Nicholas’ Church Kenilworth.

We are postponing the Friends and Sponsors musical tea Saturday 18th May 2.30-4.30  on account of diary congestion. It is being moved to the autumn.

The annual Choir Dinner to celebrate another successful season – this will be on Monday 24th June, just after the summer concert. This was a lovely evening last year, so do come along, relax and enjoy a pleasant meal in good company. More details to follow.

Best wishes and happy singing


Chairman’s letter February 2019:

Dear Member/Chorister

Notice of a Special General Meeting on Monday 11th March to consider revisions to the Constitution.

Warwick and Kenilworth Choral society because it is a charity has to have a written constitution. As you will see from the original written over 40 years ago when the Society was formed, the language is somewhat dated, legalistic and in places lacks clarity. The Committee have looked at more recent examples and have re-written our constitution to reflect a more up to date outlook and make them clearer where needed. This is perhaps best illustrated in the objectives of the Society. The existing has the somewhat pompous statement:-

“The objects of the Society shall be to educate the public in the arts and sciences, and in particular the art and science of music, by the presentation of concerts and other activities.”

Our proposed wording is:-

“The Objects of the Society shall be:-

  • To promote and encourage the art of music within the community by the presentation of concerts and other activities to foster public knowledge and appreciation of such music.
  • To promote and encourage participation of people of all ages in the performance and enjoyment of live presentation of choral and other music.”

The procedure for changing the constitution is for it to be considered at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting the latter to have 14 days notice. It will then require a two thirds majority of those present to vote in favour to be passed.

As I do not wish to take up too much rehearsal time if you have any concerns please let me or any other member of the committee know beforehand.

Best wishes

Ivan Moss