Members’ Notes

Hello and welcome to the Notes for Members page!

This page will contain a recap of rehearsals, homework, links to practise websites and rehearsal dates.

Practise websites:

Recommended sites include:

Cyberbass: Innovative Learning for Choral Singers

JohnF’s Rehearsal Files: Rehearsal files for choral singers

Choral Line: the Art of Choral Learning

PLEASE NOTE they do not necessarily include the current music we are rehearsing.

For the Rutter, Shearing and Chilcott for the current rehearsals you can use the John Fletcher site.

More links will be added. Any suggestions for addition are welcome.

10th May 2022


The rehearsal schedule for the Summer Concert can be found here.

Please check to see what we will be rehearsing.

26th April 2022

Please note that there will NOT be a rehearsal on Monday 2nd May

The concert on 25th June will be at Holy Trinity Church, Beauchamp Avenue, Leamington Spa

4th April 2022

The Summer rehearsals will begin on
Monday April 25th 2022

30th March 2022

Concert arrangements Saturday 2nd April St. Mary’s Church Warwick:

Afternoon rehearsal. Please be at the church by 2.15 ready to take your seat, to begin singing at 2.30. we anticipate that the rehearsal will end at 4.30 or before.

The staging team should be at the church by 1.30.

Evening performance. Please be at the church by 7 p.m. Dress is black tie for gentlemen, and long black dress or black top with long black skirt or trousers for ladies.

Parking – free parking is in Cape Road about 2 minutes from the church.

Creation – Stands and Sits
• Stand – beginning of page 3 (with bass soloist)
• Sit – bottom of page 12
• Stand – beginning of page 16
• Sit – end of page 21.
• Stand – Beginning of page 33
Interval – Page 53.
• Sit after applause for start of Part 2
• Stand – start of page 69
• Sit – end of page 77.
• Stand – start of page 90
• Sit bottom of page 106
Short gap for end of Part 2
• Stand start of page 109
• Sit bottom of page 130
• Stand at start of page 144 (until end)

Scores – Please return your scores after the performance – there will be boxes available. Please remove your score markings if possible. If you aren’t able to be at the performance, please can you either return your score to Steph at The Old Glassworks, Priory Rd, Warwick CV34 4NA (posting through the door is OK) or ring 07469 839549.

The Summer term will begin on Monday April 25th.

28th February 2022

At our rehearsal on 28th February we successfully negotiated the Introduction No. 3 without looking at the score, but at the ‘audience’. Flushed with this success we were encouraged to learn the entries and endings of all the other choir sections without looking. Learning by heart makes it possible to project better and follow more exactly. There was a constant refrain to look up and sing towards the audience not towards the books! And David also kept reminding us to look happy……

 24th January 2022

At our rehearsal on 24th January we started with the lively chorus No. 18a, and then went back to check we had remembered all the details of No. 13 from the previous week. Moving on to Numbers 25 and  25b, much energy was expended by the sopranos in hitting their top A flats (quite successfully it must be said!).

17th January 2022

We started our rehearsal with No. 10 ‘Awake the Harp’, which has a tricky unaccompanied entry.

We then moved back to No. 1a  which we were asked to learn by heart.

We ended the rehearsal with No. 13 ‘The Heavens are Telling’ which was dramatic, even in rehearsal!

10th January 2022

We started rehearsals for Haydn’s Creation on 10th January. We maintained high ventilation in the Coten End rehearsal room , and large distances between singers.

Mercifully our singers appear to have escaped the pandemic so far 100%! David Wynne took us through the first 3 choruses of The Creation, ably assisted by Colin Druce as ever. We are using the Novello edition, and are sticking to the English words in spite of the dreadful translation! It is fast and lively and the rehearsal was great fun.

We have more tenors than basses currently and more tenors than Altos, but we expect numbers to pick up as we get closer to the concert on 2nd April.
More singers welcome.

Website Editor

Please see the note below from David about the Messiah performances. (19th December 2021)

Dear All,

I just wanted to say a huge “well done” and “thank you” for the 2 performances of Messiah.

I thought both concerts went brilliantly, there was a real sense of energy and precision in your singing. We have come such a long way since the early rehearsals in September. It was also lovely to hear so many people speaking so positively about actually rehearsing Messiah fully, rather than just putting it together in a couple of weeks. I am conscious some of you know the piece very well but others were newer to it. Also as I am sure you will all be aware, every conductor will do it slightly differently.

I think both sets of audiences seemed very appreciative, and considering the current uncertainties and the fact last night clashed with the  “Strictly” final I think we had quite a reasonable turnout.

A few thank yous,

Firstly, to the additional singers, those that came from Coventry Phil and from other choirs around the area. It was brilliant to welcome you all over the last few weeks, and of course we would love to see some of you in January (all being well) for Haydn’s Creation.

Secondly to our hugely talented soloists, Natalie, Esther, Ed and Andrew and to our brilliant trumpets Libby (we hope you are feeling better soon) and Sean. Just to let you all know, Natalie was singing whilst expecting twins!

Finally a huge thank you to our amazing accompanist Colin. Not only for his playing for the two performances but for all his support playing for and taking rehearsals in my absence.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. All being well we return to rehearsals January 10th.

Best wishes,


21st September 2021

Dear All,

At the start of our third rehearsal this season, with post Covid rules still in place, it was good to welcome our Chairman, Ivan, back from holidays. He opened the rehearsal with a welcome message.

It is still obvious that we don’t have the same number of members singing as before the pandemic. May be some are still on holiday and maybe some are still concerned about catching Covid from singing, as it was heralded in the early days as being one of the things that could easily spread the virus. We have all the windows open in the rehearsal room, the chairs are socially distanced and hand gel is widely available. If you are a little concerned you can wear your face mask when singing. Unfortunately, Covid means we don’t have a proper coffee break at the moment……………

We did have two new members and do hope they enjoyed themselves and will come again.

As well as encouraging members to spread the word about rehearsals Ivan also mentioned we need some new committee members, due to some long-standing members retiring. If you would like to help by becoming a member please contact Stephanie, or any of the other committee members.

David conducted the rehearsal in his usual energetic, humorous and competent manner and Colin did his great accompaniments as usual. We covered quite a few of the choruses, including numbers 4, 21, 22, 24-26 and the Hallelujah Chorus. (Apologies if I have missed some off…..)

David wished us on our way after the rehearsal with a request….. for everyone to bring a new member next week!!! I do hope some of us will be able to!

Take care and hopefully see you next week.

Website Editor

2nd April 2021

Dear All

We are sure you will all agree that it is fantastic to be able to begin to plan towards singing together again.  We have now finished a fun Spring term, with the end of term  ‘performance’ on Monday – thank you to everyone who improved the occasion with concert dress. We hummed our way through The Turtle Dove, danced along The Keel Row, stretched our voices for Brahms’ Wie Lieblich and finally had a full sing of the Mozart Requiem with soloists. Thank you so much to David (who also sang the bass part) and to Colin, for making the rehearsals this term possible, and also thanks to David’s soloists – Alexandra Wynne (soprano and alto), Edward Harrisson (tenor) and James Druce on the trombone. The Zoom recording of the evening is on the Dropbox account for anyone who missed it, or if you want to enjoy it again.

Next term will begin on April 19th and end on June 14th.  We will be singing choruses from Elijah, and also possibly some pieces from Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle. We will still be meeting by Zoom, but we have approached Coten End and hope we will be able to meet again in the Autumn. We plan to sing Handel’s Messiah in the Autumn term with two performances in December in Warwick and Kenilworth – dates to be confirmed later. We will be learning it thoroughly (many of us have picked it up as we sang rather than knowing every detail) and also give anyone who hasn’t sung for some time a relatively easy term’s singing

The committee recently discussed the financial situation, and we will not be charging full subscriptions again until next year (assuming it will return to near-normal). We appreciate that we have had some people pay for this year, and we have also had some very generous donations. We do understand that many of the choir have not wished to participate in the Zoom sessions, but it would be a great help if any members who have not already done so could make a contribution of at least £20. Our account details are : Account Name: Warwick and KCS. Sort Code: 30 99 15. Account Number: 00023188.

We are sorry to have to tell you that Caroline Robertson and Jill Wiglesworth have both decided to step down from the Committee. Caroline has put in many years of sterling service helping to run the choir, doing a wide variety of jobs, but especially as our Librarian, helping with the Friends’ group and in running the Facebook page. Jill has been with us for a shorter time but has made a much valued contribution. We would like to thank them both very much for everything they have done, and look forward to many more years of singing with them.

This does mean that we would welcome anyone who would be able to help us to run the choir. The duties aren’t onerous, and are shared out amongst the group so no-one is overworked. If you feel you could give even a little help, please contact Ivan ( or Steph ( If you aren’t able to commit to being a full committee member but could give some help (by running the Facebook page for example) we would welcome that as well.

Finally, we have some good news. We are planning a Tea and Pimms Evening, which will take place at Adrian Hopkinson’s home (Norton Curlieu, Curlieu Lane, Norton Lindsey, Warwick, CV35 8JR,) on Monday 28th June between 4.30 pm. and 7 pm. We would ask you to bring your own food and drink, picnic chairs and rugs (and possibly a gazebo in case of inclement weather). All choir members and partners are welcome. Please do come and get together with people you have probably not seen in person for well over a year, even if only for an hour or so. It would be helpful if you could you let us know if you think you would like to attend to

Stay safe and well and happy singing

Ivan and the Committee

7th November 2020

CHAIR’S REPORT TO AGM       2nd NOV 2020

You don’t need to be told this has been an extraordinary year. What appears to be a life time ago in another universe we gave a well received performance of Rossini’s Petite Solennelle at St. Nicholas Church Warwick in November 2019. This was under the musical direction of Rebecca Mills who had volunteered to fill the gap between Benedict Wilson leaving and David Wynne arriving. She did an excellent job.

Our new musical director David arrived in time to take us through our annual performance of the Messiah at St Nicholas Church in Kenilworth.

After Christmas we launched into the delights of Haydn’s Seasons galloping around the school hall in pursuit of the stag! We were all getting well into our stride, beginning to get to know our new ‘Master of Hounds’  when we all faced a new unexpected challenge. I think we were aware of looming problems and I can remember the phone calls prior to cancelling rehearsals and the spring concert. Had we over reacted?

At the time we thought the summer concert was in jeopardy but we could start planning for the autumn. Unfortunately even this was optimistic. The sad news is there will be no further concerts this year. We will of course keep matters under constant review. The realist in me says there is very little chance of a spring and possibly summer concert next year. But the optimist won’t have any of that nonsense. Rest assured as soon as it is safe to do so we will be back rehearsing.

In the meantime David has used his technical wizardry and provided online rehearsals, with Colin’s help as accompanist. This is never going to allow us to achieve a concert standard, but does enable us to ‘get together ’and sing.  I know that it is not the real thing but hope those who have not sampled it will give it a go. Before Christmas we will ‘do’ some of the Messiah choruses and carols. I trust that will tempt the doubters!

None of the above would have happened without the hard work of the committee of which I am a mere figurehead. On behalf of the choir I would like to thank Nick Gilbert, Jane Brock, Caroline Robertson, Stephanie Lane, Adrian Hopkinson, Rosemary Lawrence, Sheila Verrier, Joan Stevens and Jill Wiglesworth who for their sins have agreed to continue as committee members.

In the short time we were ‘live’ with David I think he has laid the foundations for a successful partnership. It is also an annual joy to thank Colin for his professionalism, patience and good humour. I am sure you will all support the committee’s decision to continue to employ David and Colin as normal, which we will review in March 2021.

In these unusual times existing membership is rolled forward to April 1st 2021 when we will review the position. In the meantime there are still costs associated with our on line rehearsals. Please feel free to make a donation.

Usually at the end of the chairman’s report there is a list of our forthcoming concerts. For obvious reasons this year is an exception. No matter how far off our next concert may be I ask that you remember the exhilaration that comes from a live performance. So even if you do not join in the online rehearsals you will hold that emotion and launch with gusto into our first rehearsal whenever it occurs.

Warwick and Kenilworth Choral Society
Music Directors report, 2nd November 2020

Well this has certainly been an interesting first year as Music Director of Warwick and Kenilworth Choral Society and not one that was in any of the training.

After a very promising start, doing Messiah in an incredibly short rehearsal time of (if memory serves me 4 rehearsals) we did an excellent performance with 4 outstanding soloists: Alexandra Wynne, Kathy Price, Ollie Vincent and Sam Oram. It always takes a bit of time for a new MD to get used to a new choir and vice versa. Whilst Messiah is well known by many – to do such a worthy performance in such a short space of time is a testament to you all.

Spring term started with enthusiasm with new repertoire to get stuck into. Haydn’s The Seasons was scheduled to be performed with soloists and professional orchestra. We were making good progress with the music – having pretty much finished the note learning process we were very
much getting stuck into adding the finer details when outbreak of COVID 19 forced the suspension of rehearsals and ultimately the cancelation of, not only this concert but the summer and (at the time of writing) almost certainly the rest of the year at the least.

After a short gap of taking stock, rehearsals commenced on Zoom focussing on a variety of popular choruses before focussing more on Vivaldi’s Gloria in this winter term. I want to thank those who have given Zoom rehearsals a try at some point and those who have stuck with them. I completely understand that these rehearsals are not the same as the usual “in
person” rehearsals and that many of you miss the camaraderie and the feeling that you get from singing with others. I hope that for those that have attended them that they have at least been useful and enjoyable even if not quite the same.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Steph and the other committee members who have helped with the organisation of the Zoom rehearsals. I know how much additional work goes into keeping organisations such as these running and it can be a thankless task at times. In our committee we are fortunate to have some really diligent and hard-working people keeping the choir going.

I also want to thank you, the choir, for your incredible support to continue to pay myself and Colin during this period. It was a very worrying time for so many and I, like many others, was not subject to any government support due to my work going through a limited company. I felt,
particularly as I had only been with the choir for such a short time, that it showed an incredible level of support of which I am hugely grateful.

Finally I want to thank Colin. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful musician as our accompanist. Colin has gone out of his way to record music for us to rehearse on zoom, and prior to this, was such a support during rehearsals which certainly makes my work so much easier.

I really hope that we are able to sing again properly and in person before too long in whatever format that might be.

With all best wishes,

28th August 2020

Well, the summer seems to have well and truly ended judging by the wet weather at the moment. I hope you are all keeping well, and coping with the very different lives we are living. Normally at this time we would be talking about when choir will start again, and what music we will be singing this Autumn, and looking forward to our Autumn concerts. How times have changed!

At the moment, we don’t know when we will be able to rehearse together in the school again – they return on 1st September but whether they will allow us in (and how many of us if they do) is still not clear. At the moment, we are continuing with our Zoom rehearsals every Monday night, starting with a quick chat beforehand from 6.30 and a rehearsal from 7 until 8. It is a little odd, especially when you are singing at full volume all by yourself, but it does bring us together.

David has been doing some sterling work in preparing tracks for us to sing to, and conducting videos and this has been an immense help. We hope you have enjoyed the Vivaldi, the Ave verum and the Cantique de Jean Racine – if you have any suggestions you would like us to consider do let one of the committee know. The music and backing tracks are on the Choir’s Dropbox account, and the conducting is on Youtube.  It is possible to join the rehearsals via a landline if you don’t have suitable technology at home, or we could put you in touch with someone who does join them, and you could go to the rehearsal at their home (with suitable social distancing of course).

We are still working out how we will hold the AGM in October – the Charity Commission hasn’t recommended anything as yet, but we will need to hold one in some shape or form – probably with reports and voting by post. We will let you all know as soon as we have a process sorted out.

The Committee have decided to extend the 2019/20 membership until 1st January 2021 so subscriptions are not due in September. We hope to take a decision on the subscription from January – September 2021 before the AGM. Meanwhile, if anyone would like to make a contribution to our costs, this would be most welcome.

Stay well and keep safe.

Best wishes

Ivan and the Committee

9th July 2020

I trust everyone is well and not suffering from ‘lockdown blues’.  We have had a virtual committee meeting – first the positives.

We have decided to try virtual rehearsals. Part of the motivation for this is to get us all together if only virtually. Initially we will be singing Vivaldi’s Gloria. We are working on the final details. We will be using ‘Zoom’ which is free to download. We hope to start in 3 or 4 weeks time on a Monday evening for an hour between 7 and 8pm. Further details will be forwarded as soon as they are available. In response to my earlier message I know a number of you said you would not be happy with a virtual rehearsal, but I do hope you might give it a try and join us.

The future programme is very uncertain. We are working on the assumption that the earliest we might resume full rehearsals is January 2021. On this basis there will be no concert this autumn. However we are still hoping that we might be able to perform our annual Messiah Concert.  This depends on whether it will be possible to have a number of rehearsals in November. The date for this concert will be Tuesday 15th December. Please keep this date free just in case!

If it is possible to resume rehearsals in January 2021, it may be that this would be on a restricted basis which would affect the programme of any concert we are able to perform. However we are anxious to get back together as soon as it is safe to do so.

If we are able to resume in January 2021 our concert dates are provisionally

Spring Concert Sat 13th March programme to be confirmed

Summer Concert Sat 19th June programme to be confirmed

Autumn Concert Sat 27th November. This is planned to be our joint concert with Coventry Philharmonic Choir with a performance of Verdi’s Requiem

The Messiah Tuesday 14th December

We were hoping to have an outdoor summer social event however given current restrictions particularly with large gatherings this is unlikely to happen. However we will keep this under review.

I look forward to singing with you all again whenever that may be!

Stay safe and well


Dear All,

The committee met yesterday (25th April) via Zoom, and assuming that we are able to begin rehearsals in September, our provisional plan is for the Mozart Requiem and the Faure Requiem for our Autumn concert in St. Nicholas’ Church, Warwick. Most of us will already be very familiar with these and this should be a gentle and uplifting way of getting us back into the swing of things. And of course, we are still working towards our exciting joint Verdi Requiem with Coventry Philharmonic Choir for next Spring. We are also hoping to organise a social event in the summer if possible, depending on what happens with the lockdown and social distancing.

Anyone who is feeling creative and wants to exercise their talents should try entering one of the King Lear Prizes ( You have to be over 70 to enter these, and there are prizes for short stories, poetry, drama, musical composition and art.  And if you want to brush up on almost any subject why not have a look at Futurelearn ( where there are hundreds of online courses from universities and other organisations, from Literature and History to Law, IT and Science and Engineering.

After last week’s lessons on birdsong, here is an applied version, with apologies to Mozart, although anyone who can recognise all of the birds probably deserves a medal.

And here are some weekly activities to keep your brains working as well as your voices. Warwickshire County Council’s Heritage department have a weekly quiz (with some interesting nuggets of local history). A local one run by Warwickshire organiser Richard Adams is here and Greene King have a pub quiz every Wednesday and Bingo on Thursdays at – other brands are available as there are a lot of virtual pub quizzes out there.

Stay well, and enjoy the sunshine before next week’s rain comes along.

Ivan and the Committee

Dear All,

A slightly belated happy Easter – I hope the Easter Bunny (who is an essential key worker, apparently) brought you some nice treats.

If you are looking back nostalgically to last year, here is a link to an Italian video of Va, Pensiero, which is perhaps a couple of notches above our own, but then they are opera singers! It is also quite moving. Thank you to Duncan for sharing it.

While you are sitting in the garden, should you be wondering which bird you can hear singing, the National Trust have put together a useful guide at

And for everyone shut indoors, here are two of Andrew Laverock’s rather dizzying bicycle trips around Warwick ( and Leamington ( He hasn’t done one of Kenilworth yet sadly.

Have you run out of things to read? Don’t forget that the library service has a marvellous eBook section with magazines, music and more. This is the link If you don’t have a library card you can apply online, with your library number arriving by email. There is also Project Gutenberg – 60,000 books to read for free. They are mostly older books that are out of copyright, but they can be read on a number of platforms, including just a basic web browser on a phone, Ipad, laptop or PC. Here is the link to their Bookshelves So no more excuses on why you haven’t finished the whole of Dickens! It’s a great resource to find that book you haven’t read for years as well.

If there are any ladies (or gentlemen) who are good at sewing out there and would be interested in keeping busy making items for local key workers, could you email Steph. They are looking for scrubs bags and headbands, which are easy to make and also for entire sets of scrubs, for the more experienced, and we have a local group (Warwickshire scrubbers) who are co-ordinating this.

Stay safe and well

Ivan and the Committee
16th April 2020

Good afternoon all

Here is your weekly newsletter with yet more suggestions of things to do.

We do hope everyone is staying well and is able to get their shopping, prescriptions, and all the other important bits and bobs.

There are yet more options for singing this week.

  • The Stay at Home choir is partnering with the King’s Singers. Go to https://stayathomechoir.comto register. Their first project is called Gloria but no more details yet, and you can follow them on Twitter.
  • Duet Yourself rehearses folk and rock songs three times a week with downloadable sheet music. Their site is on Facebook at
  • The sofa singers have a sing each Friday at 11.00 a.m. , and you need a free ticket from Eventbrite to get the access code for Zoom. People can see you on this one, so smile as you sing! Search for sofa singers for details for next week.

If you are fed up of four walls, why not try a virtual tour?

  • If you only go to Kenilworth or Warwick Castle for fireworks or carols why not take these 360 degree tours to explore them?

o   Kenilworth –

o   Warwick –

For musical entertainment, Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is available this evening for 48 hours at and a new Lloyd Webber musical is promised each week from here on.

Anyway, that should keep us all busy for a little while.  If you are finding these newsletters irritating rather than helpful, do drop Steph a note to ask to be taken off the list! And do let us know if you have any suggestions for entertainment or information.

Enjoy the sunshine (it is on its way) and stay well.

Ivan and the Committee.
3rd April 2020

Dear All,

We hope everyone is well, and keeping busy in the current emergency. At least we have had fine weather so can get out into the garden or outside for our permitted daily constitutional! The support shown for the NHS and all the other emergency workers last night was heartwarming, as are the many stories of people volunteering to help each other.

Some more resources for you to while away the time:

As you may have seen Caroline has put Gareth Malone’ s Great British Home Chorus on our Facebook page. Here is the link again  It happens every evening at 5.30, so do register and sing along. You can also catch up via YouTube if you miss it.

Duncan Gallie has recommended the Berlin Philharmonic where he has watched the Seasons conducted by Simon Rattle. ‘Apart from a quality of choir singing that almost rivalled our own, the soloists and orchestra were fabulous. There was an interesting introductory presentation by Simon Halsey about the significance of the piece in the development of choral music and some words on the difficulties it presents for singers’. Other pieces are available! Registration is quite straight forward at They suggest that you go into ‘Tickets’ and insert the code BERLINPHIL. They send you an email to confirm.

The National Theatre are streaming plays for free. The link is or and it will be every Thursday starting with One Man, Two Guvnors then available for 7 days. The RSC, Royal Opera House and many others are streaming through Marquee TV which has a 30 day free trial. The link is

And finally how about some quizzes?  Try for 25 varied quizzes on different areas of classical music.

There are also local voluntary groups for shopping, collecting prescriptions, dog walking or anything else. You can volunteer or request help and there is lots of handy information about local shops and deliveries.

Warwick and Leamington.


Stay well everyone

Best wishes

Ivan and the WKCS committee
27th March 2020



As many of you may know  we having been discussing with Coventry Philharmonic Choir the possibility of a joint production of Verdi’s Requiem. This has now been formally agreed. The performance will be on 20th March 2021 at Warwick Hall, on the Warwick School campus. Please make sure the date is in the diary. To make a success of the concert we will need to sell at least 400 tickets between the two choirs. So make sure friends, relatives and aficionados have the date in their diaries.

Other news.

We are looking at holding the skittles evening on 20th June 2020. This is of course dependent on government advice at the time about social gatherings. It will I hope give us an opportunity to meet before the summer break.

Haydn’s The Seasons.
Many of you (and me) have expressed regret that after all our hard work the concert is not happening. The committee working with David will look at our future programme to see if we can perform this work in the not too distant future. No promises.

Margaret Battersea.
As you know Margaret one of our founder members died earlier this year. In her will she left a bequest of £5,000 to the choir. The committee will be considering how best to use this money as a celebration of Margaret’s life. If you have any thoughts please let me or any member of the committee have your ideas.

Musical resources.

Since so many of us are now having to stay mostly at home, here are a couple of ideas for things to watch or listen to.

  • If you like opera, the Met in New York do an opera a day online via https://www.metopera.orgwhich you can watch on a PC or laptop, or there is an app which can be used if you have Amazon or a Samsung Smart TV. Today’s is La Boheme with Angela Gheorghiu and Ramon Vargas.
  • Sky Arts have great classical music, ballet and opera. If you don’t have a Sky package, you can get them through NOW TV’s entertainment pass, which has a 7-day free trial, and then costs £8.99 per month, and is very easy to cancel.
  • There is always Radio 3 and Classic FM but have you checked out Scala Radio yet? It is a digital station and has a great deal more vocal and choral music than Classic.

And finally stay safe and well so that you can bring your lusty voices to our first rehearsal on Monday 7th September.


Rehearsals and Concerts Cancelled

I have been discussing with members of the committee how we should respond to the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic. This is particularly difficult as the advice from the Government does appear to be changing rapidly. However in part because of the age profile of the choir we have decided to cancel all rehearsals starting with Monday’s rehearsal (March 16th). The concert on 4th April and the summer concert on 20th June are also cancelled. The reason for cancelling the summer concert is rehearsals would take place during the time when the epidemic is forecast to be reaching its peak.

Should the epidemic not be as long lasting or as widespread as currently forecast we will look at the possibility of holding a summer concert but currently I think this is unlikely.

Those of you who have hired copies of the score will need to return them to Caroline Robertson. She has kindly agreed to be at Coten End school tomorrow night between 7.00pm and 7.45pm to collect copies of the score. Alternatively could you return them to her home address, 57, Eden Croft, Kenilworth.

As things stand at the moment the next rehearsal will be at the beginning of the autumn term on Monday 7th September.

I am discussing with the committee whether we should proceed with the skittles evening on Saturday 2nd May and our end of year social on Monday 22nd June and I will circulate a further email as soon as possible.

Best wishes to everyone and stay well


Chairman’s Notes March 2020

Well done to everyone for putting in so much hard work on the Seasons. It has been quite a challenge getting to grips with it, as very few people had sung it before. However, it is starting to sound at times as if we actually know what we are doing! Thank you so much to David and to Colin for their sterling efforts in sorting us all out.

Advance News

Joan and Graham Stevens are kindly organising another skittles evening, so please put Saturday May 2nd in your diaries. This will again be at Leek Wootton Social club and will include a hot supper.  We had a really good time at this event last year, and it is great to see it returning. More details to follow.

We are considering organising a trip to join The Really Big Chorus’s Handel extravaganza on 12th July in the Royal Albert Hall. Tickets for this are £46 in the main area, or £35 in the circle, and we would travel by train. The music for this includes 8 Handel choruses, (three from the Messiah, and others from Alexander’s FeastIsrael in EgyptJudas Maccabaeus and Samson) plus Zadok the Priest. There will also be orchestral and solo pieces. The music will cost £12.95. If you would be interested in this could you please email Steph at

Summer concert

The summer concert will be on 20th June and will feature English Choral Music. It will include: Parry I was Glad and Blest pair of sirens; Elgar Songs from the Bavarian Highlands; Will Todd The Lord’s my Shepherd and The call of wisdom; Rutter Birthday Madrigals, and Vaughan Williams: Valiant for Truth.

With best wishes for happy practising.

Ivan and the WKCS committee.

Dear All

What a super Messiah on Tuesday. We had a lovely audience who had a great evening despite the ghastly weather. Thanks also to our lovely soloists, to the brilliant Dave Pugh, of course to Colin for supporting us so wonderfully and to David for taking us through Messiah so clearly. Presumably three weeks preparation for a huge oratorio wouldn’t be his preferred way of starting his work with us but his way of approaching such a big oratorio in three weeks was really refreshing. The New Year will be a lot of fun.

Onwards to January and Haydn’s The Seasons. Caroline has posted a Youtube link on Facebook which you may want to have a look at in advance.

The minutes of two recent committee meetings are attached below:

3rd September 2019
12th November 2019

‘The AGM was held on 14th October and was well attended. The Chairman congratulated the choir on the excellent concerts during the year (please see under Welcome/Recent Concerts). He also thanked the Committee members for all their hard work. Then he thanked Colin Druce for his uplifting contribution to proceedings. He also thanked Rebecca for standing in this term. Special thanks also to Caroline Robertson and Pat Toulmin for their work on the Facebook page and the web site respectively. He acknowledged that the most awkward moment of the year was the resignation of Benedict Wilson to follow his career promotion. He said we all owed Benedict a large debt for bringing the choir forward in quality and performance skill. Out of 17 applicants, we are fortunate in having found a marvellous replacement in the shape of David Wynne, himself a celebrated concert soloist, and also conductor of the Birmingham Festival Choral Society. Our Chairman acknowledged that we, like other choirs have a challenge to finance the costs of full scale concerts. The discussion revolved around ways of increasing long term funding. Several good ideas were put forward by Anne Round and Ian Beveridge among others. Due to a diary clash of our new Musical Director, David Wynne, we are moving the Spring Concert forward to 4th April. This also has some unfortunate clashes. Our Treasurer Rosemary Lawrence reported on the very satisfactory financial condition of the choir. In 2018/2019 the choir broke even, helped by good concert attendance, and Friends and Sponsors. Following sale of the Staging (will we live to regret that??), our total cash jumped to £26,000, and that before the receipt of Gift Aid. The Chairman realised members of the choir couldn’t take any more news and we broke up for drinks, kindly provided by Graham and Edna. Thanks all round.’

Dear Choir Members

Summer greetings to you all and trust you are all enjoying our typical summer weather! This is the traditional end of term summary and looking forward to a new season.

We said farewell to Benedict in June and wish him all the best with his new job in Shrewsbury. He joined the choir at the same time as I five years ago. I certainly found singing under his direction challenging at times but I think we can all agree that he lifted the standard of our performances.

We have appointed a new Musical director, David Wynne. Those of you who were at the audition on Monday 8th July will have met him already.  He has supplied a short biography included below so you can get to know him before he starts!

For the last 4 years David has been Music Director of Birmingham Festival Choral Society. He is relinquishing his current role as MD of the Ryton Chorale (Worksop) where he has been director for 6 years.

As a visiting lecturer at the Royal Birmingham Junior Conservatoire, David works as choral director of the Senior Chorus and the Vocal Ensemble. He teaches choral conducting, singing and musicianship, and is also vocal co-ordinator for the department.

With his wife, Alexandra, they co-run (and co-founded) the St. Chad’s Cathedral Junior Choir and the extensive Choral Outreach Programme which sees them teaching choral singing to approx. 500 children a year across Birmingham. He has worked with some of the country’s leading music education organisations, including: Opera North, Welsh National Opera, the Armonico Consort and Leicester and Leeds Cathedral’s education departments. He holds a masters’ degree in Vocal and Operatic performance from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, and studied choral conducting with Paul Spicer after receiving a scholarship. He is a busy freelance baritone soloist, up until recently, a lay clerk at St. Chad’s Cathedral Birmingham, and has performed several times as a musician of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Away from music David enjoys cooking and walking his Dalmatian, Sherlock. He and his wife Alexandra are proud parents to Sidney (aged 1), who is now eating them slowly out of house and home.

Unfortunately he has to give notice to his existing choir so will not take up his post until 25th Nov when we start our rehearsals for the Messiah. For our autumn rehearsals and concert Rebecca Mills who all of you know will be acting Musical Director. I am very grateful to Rebecca for stepping into this role.

I would like to thank all members of the choir who turned up for the auditions on July 8th and 15th. Not only did it mean the committee where able to gauge opinion from across the choir it also meant our prospective MD had a full choir to work with.

We can reflect on a successful and varied programme. For our November 2018 concert marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War we had the reflective Faure’s Requiem and the optimism of Rutter’s Gloria. This was followed by our annual performance of the Messiah at St Nicholas Church in Kenilworth. Our spring concert was the well received St John Passion. Lastly our ‘Music for a summer evening’ more Madrigals and a venture into Opera Choruses performed for an enthusiastic audience.

We had intended to start the new season with Handel’s Israel in Egypt. However the cost of the orchestra would amount to about £4,000. Given all the other costs involved and our average audience size we estimated that the potential loss would be approximately £5,000. Although we do have reserves it would not be prudent or sustainable in the long run to cover such losses from reserves. We are therefore performing Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle.

I think we all wish to put on the larger scale works with orchestra. To cover losses there are a number of options such as increasing membership fees and increase the price of tickets. We have done both of these recently but only substantial further increases could cover the cost of performing large scale works. This is not an attractive option.

We have started a Sponsorship Scheme and a Friends of the Choir scheme. This is beginning to bear fruit with just over £1,000 raised so far. This is a good start but more needs to be done. Please assist in any way you can.

I should like, on the Choir’s behalf, to acknowledge the sterling work that continues to be undertaken by members of the Committee – Nick Gilbert, Jane Brock, Caroline Robertson, Stephanie Lane, Adrian Hopkinson, Anne-Marie Reddin, Rosemary Lawrence, Lynne Mann, Joan Stevens and Sheila Verrier.

On this point Anne Marie Reddin is leaving the committee. We do need new committee members. We work not on the principal of ‘many hands make light work’ rather than ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. So please consider if you can make a contribution.

Look forward to seeing you all with lusty voices on September 2nd at Coten End School.

Best wishes


Dates for your Diary

2/9/19             First rehearsal                                            Coten End School

23/11/19        Rossini  Petite Messe Solennelle              St Nicholas Warwick

10/12/19        Handel Messiah                             St Nicholas Kenilworth

Please note this is a Tuesday which gives an extra Monday for rehearsal

4/4/20          Haydn The Seasons                                   St John’s Kenilworth

Date TBC      Music for Summer                          venue TBC

New Musical Director

After the successful auditions this is the letter sent to members by our Chairman:

Dear All

I trust you are all enjoying the summer break. This is a brief note about our new Musical Director. 

Thank you all for turning out in force for two auditions. I am very pleased to tell you that David Wynne has accepted the post. He was clearly the first choice of the majority of the choir as well as the committee. He will be unable to start until the end of the year due to existing commitments. He is however hoping to take the rehearsals and concert for our annual performance of Messiah and I am awaiting confirmation of this.

I am very grateful to Rebecca Mills who will be our acting Musical Director for our autumn concert of Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle. 

I will send out a full newsletter once all the arrangements have been confirmed.

Also, a very big thank you to everyone who sang at the wedding at St Charles Borromeo last Friday. Although you may have felt a little lonely in the gallery, the family were very appreciative. We have been sent  a lovely card which will be at the first rehearsal next year (which by the way is on 2nd September). We have also been sent a cheque for £100! 

Well done to everyone who took part – it was a marvellous effort.